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Planning Sewing Partnerships

26 December 2009, 22:49

In an attempt to get myself to focus on pairing up the lovely (and overflowing) fabrics I’ve got on hand with the lovely (and overflowing) patterns I’ve got on hand, I did a bit of mental and virtual pairing using my scanned catalogues of fabric and patterns and a bit a Photoshop wizardry. I don’t particularly like doing SWAP wardrobes as they’re so rigid they end up feeling like a chore by about the third garment, so instead I wanted to focus on partnerships of fabrics and garments that could go with each other.

The first is the most straightforward: a skirt and blouse combo.

The skirt is one from last October’s KnipMode and features two big chunky zippers on the wide waistband. I just took the plunge and bought two fantastic brass teethed ones with big ring pulls from Zipperstop’s eBay store, only to find out that the brown colour in their photo was actually bright purple. They’ll now definitely be a “feature”!. The blouse is from my beloved August issue and is the Marni catwalk clone – I’ll be sewing that in some pewter silk charmeuse from Goldhawk Road that really brings out the blue in the skirt’s wool flannel.

For the second pairing, I realised that the mostly cream and grey tweed I bought from Totally Fabrics has tiny flecks of peach in it which coordinates nicely with the nude stretch suiting, so I thought I’d like to be able to wear the suiting on its own or paired with the pale pink.

I always envisioned the nude suiting as a sheath dress, though whether it’ll end up as the origami pleated Nov 09 KnipMode dress or the Divine Details Vogue dress remains to be seen. So then I thought I could probably squeeze a skirt and a cropped jacket out of the tweed if I chose styles that didn’t use much fabric – I’m loving this pencil skirt in the new January KnipMode (I’m getting ahead of myself with these two Knip patterns – I will be showing them off properly in a few days!), and while flipping through my few precious copies of Patrones, I spotted two contenders in the cropped jacket category. I prefer the sleeves and the folded hem on the top one, but I like that the lower one has a collar and pockets and I can envision that one over a dress more easily. Hrmmm.

And the third pairing just screamed party/clubwear as soon as I unwrapped the fabric parcels! If we hadn’t already decided to stay in this year, it’d be perfect for New Year’s Eve!

The black techno fabric from Totally Fabrics and the Prada trompe l’oeil sequin stretch jersey were just born to be together. The techno fabric is quite thick so I wanted a pattern to make it stand up on its own – I’m just hoping I can squeeze the pleated Manequim skirt out of the 1m cut I have. The Prada jersey is so gorgeously flowy and drapey that I really wanted to choose a pattern to show off that to its best advantage, without too many seams to break up the print, either. So I’m considering either this bubble-hem Patrones top (I’ll just use plain black lycra jersey for the very top and the lining) or basardising the Simplicity cowl dress pattern again to have just a sleeveless tank. The only thing I’m concerned about there is that horizontal seam, however…

Anyone have any opinions over which of my choices I should go with? Cropped jacket, nude dresses, or sequin tops… My oh my, my mind’s in overdrive, and I already made a skirt and a jacket in their entirety today!

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  1. Oh. What GREAT choices you have. I’m on dress two for the weekend and telling myself that I HAVE to get back to separates ASAP.

    cidell    Dec 27, 12:04 AM    #
  2. Looks like you have a plan! Great choices. Your mojo is up and running!

    gwen    Dec 27, 12:30 PM    #
  3. I think this is a great idea – so many times we make or buy things that don’t actually have a clear partner in our wardrobes. I love that you’ve already got fabrics that go together well.

    Nadia    Dec 27, 12:48 PM    #
  4. You have some excellent match-ups there. I look forward to seeing you make progress on these plans!

    Shannon    Dec 27, 02:31 PM    #
  5. They are all fabulous. I like the Patrones jackets with the dress a lot. But I like all of them. If you want a fun outfit, even if its just being home, make the last one. The skirt is versatile enough to wear with an everyday kind of top too.
    The fabrics are gorgeous! That black techno fabric is fascinating and very current.

    Nancy K    Dec 27, 03:01 PM    #
  6. You have some beautiful fabrics! I would choose for the vogue dress, because I think a V-neck (or any lower neck) looks better on you than a high closed one. The jacket with the collar goes better with the dress, in my humble opinion. And you can give that jacket the folded hem from the other one…. I Love the techno fabric and that Manequim pattern. I would go for the Simplicity top, because it has a fitted bodice, and I think that goes better with the skirt – the skirt has a bit of a ‘balloon’effect – so keep the top straight. I will keep following your blog- it’s very inspiring! Succes with all your plans!

    — Teddie    Dec 28, 12:05 AM    #
  7. I’m drooling.
    If I were you, I’d do the party outfit first. One never knows when one changes one’s mind. Plus, while I loved your pajama outfits for last year’s holidays, I don’t think it’s unthinkable to make new year brunch in a sequined top.
    Oh, and I like the weird jacket too, but these days with the temperatures it’s hard not to think long sleeves and collars are a good thing in a jacket. But the nude suiting is rather versatile, you could make it a linen version of the weird jacket for spring, two for the price of one??

    — Marie-Christine    Dec 28, 12:34 PM    #
  8. A whole skirt and jacket already! I am shamed. The most I have done today is compiled my shopping list – battle will commence after lunch. Got a knitting jag at the moment but I am hoping to take inspiration from your sewing plans VERY soon!
    Have a Happy New Year.

    — Kim Hood    Dec 30, 12:38 PM    #
  9. I’ve got fabric and pattern envy!!! Love it all although if I had to choose i think I’d take the Patrones 272 jacket over the 276 as it looks a little more versatile. Can’t wait to see how the high waisted KM skirt comes out, I’ve started the one from Patrones 272 which looks almost exactly the same but I’m not sure if I’ve cut it right as it has come out like a circle skirt – seam ripper’s been out again!!!

    — racheljm    Jan 3, 07:44 PM    #

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