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I won!

5 March 2010, 12:28

Wow! I’ve been entering Pattern Review contests for years and never even come close to winning, but I’ve won first place in the first ever Lingerie Contest!

Lingerie Contest Medium

Thank you all SO much for voting for my Racy Lacy Lingerie set, I’m so touched that it inspired so many of you to sew up some lingerie of your own.

And special thanks go to Sigrid, who inspired me to start sewing lingerie, and also gifted me the gorgeous kit that turned into the winning entry!


  1. Congratulations!

    gwen    Mar 5, 01:13 PM    #
  2. Congrats. Well deserved.

    Beth Conky    Mar 5, 01:49 PM    #
  3. Congratulations on winning the contest. I cannot imagine making lingerie! I think you must have a lot of patience and skill.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I didn’t know about uk-yankee.com, but I am interested to check it out. I live in an area with other ex-pats, but no Americans.

    Karin    Mar 5, 01:59 PM    #
  4. Fantastic! Congratulations! Glad they finally saw your creativity and talent.

    — Mom    Mar 5, 02:00 PM    #
  5. I’m so inspired by international lingerie sewing experts. I loved your beautiful lingerie set when I first saw it posted and am so happy that you deservedly won. Bravo!!

    — Jane S    Mar 5, 03:01 PM    #
  6. Congratulations! That is so awesome!!! I loved your set!

    Heather    Mar 5, 03:06 PM    #
  7. Wahoo!

    — Sharon    Mar 5, 03:08 PM    #
  8. woo hoo!! Congratulations!

    peacockchic    Mar 5, 03:27 PM    #
  9. Congratulations, and duh, yours was the best!

    Nancy k    Mar 5, 03:57 PM    #
  10. Congratulations on a job well done – you definitely deserved the grand prize!!!!

    MelissaB    Mar 5, 04:21 PM    #
  11. Hurrah!

    — Kim Hood    Mar 5, 05:07 PM    #
  12. Sweet! Congrats on a truly beautiful set.

    Digs    Mar 5, 05:16 PM    #
  13. Yay yay yay, congrats! Great work- super impressive :)

    Selfish Seamstress    Mar 5, 07:51 PM    #
  14. Congratulations Melissa. You did a great job with this set.
    Thanks for the nice comment on having been inspiring. You certainly sew inspiring lingerie yourself now!

    Sigrid    Mar 5, 08:21 PM    #
  15. Congratulations! There were some fabulous entries but yours really stood out – a well deserved win.

    allisonC    Mar 5, 11:52 PM    #
  16. Congratulations!

    Nadia    Mar 6, 08:16 AM    #
  17. Well done. Congratulations. This is such an achievement.

    Velosewer    Mar 6, 09:25 AM    #
  18. Your post was cracking me up…And I’d like to thank…without them this 1st place wouldn’t have been possible :) It sounded like an Oscar award speech.

    — JenL    Mar 6, 06:24 PM    #
  19. A well deserved first place! Congratulations!

    — Teddie    Mar 6, 08:06 PM    #
  20. Congratulations, Melissa! Well done!

    Tina    Mar 8, 07:00 AM    #
  21. Well done, Melissa! I am not a fancy lingerie person, but I loved your set and very much appreciate your documentation of the process, as always.

    — M Kate    Mar 9, 05:58 PM    #
  22. Already said, but Congratulations. Definitely a hard skill to acquire.

    — Karen M    Mar 10, 02:47 PM    #
  23. Congrats, that set is totally awesome!

    Johanna Lu    Mar 22, 10:00 AM    #
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